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CAVAGNIS Murano Glass Tips

is a company that works and produces artistic Murano glass filters for smokers and collectors.
Born in the wake of the family company JWP "initials of the three children" based in the ancient city of Venice.

The completely handmade production of the collections begins in 2016.
The Cavagnis family continues to pass on this art by offering unique shapes, colors and textures typical of tradition for each individual filter.
The Challenge stems from the need to innovate the use of Murano artistic glass compared to classic use and redefining the style in the Art of Smoking. The listening ability of our customers has allowed us to offer them the best solutions, creating elite artistic products that cool the shot and intensify the aroma, making your style unique at a competitive price, without giving up a unique design and lightweight completely customizable.


Producing and innovating the use of artistic Murano glass compared to the classic use and redefining the style in the art of smoking. Always differentiating ourselves in the quality and listening skills of our customers and offering them the best solutions to their needs.


Creating Murano glass works of art for an elite audience in the world of hemp.

The complete customization of the works of art will be our strength, maintaining the characteristic features of our tradition  and experimenting with  market demands.


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